Undergraduate Final Year Projects


18. Amirah Farzanah Sulaiman (2016-2017): Non-Linear Time Series Regression Model.

17. Armaeni Agus (2015-2016/PSM UTM-Kent): Clustering of Commodity Prices.

16. Nor Hidayah Hasan (2015-2016): Characteristics of River Runoff in Johor

15. Norlyana Farahana Noor Azmi (2014-2015): Statistical Characteristics of Rivers in Johor.

14. Husna Nuraiin Hamidi, (2013-2014): Robust Linear Regression: a simulation study

13. Nurul Izzaty Mohd Yunus, UTM (2011-2012): Analysis of Sungai Galing Water Quality Data Through PCA.

12. Koo Boon Boon, UTM, (2011-2012): Multiple Linear Regression. On Low Baby Weights

11. Zatil Zhafarina Hamat, UTM, (2010-2011): Peninsular Malaysia daily precipitation patterns.

10. Noraini Ibrahim, UTM, (2010-2011): Reduction Dimension in rainfall data via PCA

9. Hamizah Rashid, UTM, (2010-2011): Profiling Sugar Supply in KotaBahru.

8. Ong Chai Hong, UTM, (2009-2010): Plaid model for broadband criterion data.

7. Nurul Amira Zainal, UTM, (2009-2010): Plaid model on Malaysian food composition.

6. Tan Siew Lee, UTM, (2009-2010): Cluster analysis for broadband criterion data.

5. Nur Liyana Mahpof, UTM, (2009-2010): Cluster analysis in food selection.

4. Tan Chee Yian, UTM, (2008-2009): Application of logistic regression in anesthesia.

3. Tan Fong Lin, UTM, (2008-2009): Analyzing expressed proteins from GS-NSO Murine Myeloma cells.

2. Noor Adila Aluwi Shakir, UTM, (2007-2008): Effectiveness of pre-treatment drugs in reducing pain on injection via correspondence analysis.

1. Chai Kuok Chiew, UTM, (2007-2008): Investigating the effectiveness of pre-treatment drug Fentanyl

on the injection of anesthetic drug, Propofol Lipuro using correspondence analysis.