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IP/PT/2015/5106            Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD) Reliability Function Test System, 2015

IP/PT/2010/2388            Multivariable PID Controller Design of Activated Sludge Processes, 2010




IP/CR/02207                   Neural Network Internal Model Control for SMBR System, 2021

IP/CR/02148                   An Internet of Things for Automation of Water Filtration System, 2021

IP/CR/2019/0383           Artificial Intelligent Technique in Modeling of Membrane Filtration System, 2019

IP/CR/2016/061             Source Code for Temperature and Humidity Control System for Tempe Incubation Process, 2016.

IP/CR/2016/0348           Comparison of Modeling for Heating and Ventilation System, 2016

IP/CR/2016/0331           Reverse Sensing with Auto Brake System in Forklift, 2016

IP/CP/2015/5233           Tuning of Multivariable PID Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm Applied to a  Wastewater  Treatment Plant, 2015

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IP/CP/2014/4823           Wireless Intelligent Switch with Power Monitoring, 2014

IP/CP/2012/3414           Design of Lab View Based Simulator for an Activated Sludge Process, 2012


Industrial Design Search

 IP/ID/2014/4822            Automatic Lemang Baking Stove, 2014