Administrative Experience

2018-2020Associate Chair (Quality & Strategy), School of Electrical Engineering
2016-2018Head of Electronic and Computer Engineering Department (ECE), Faculty of Electrical Engineering
2011-2012Head of Electronic Department (INSEED), Faculty of Electrical Engineering
2009-2011Head of Biomedical and Instrumentation Electronic (bMIE) Research Group

Other responsibilities

Teaching & Learning

Course Coordinator

SKEL/SKEE 4533 Biomedical Signal Processing (2012-current)

SKEL 4543/SEP 4243 Biosystem Modelling (2009-2017)

SEE 2063 Electronic Devices (2007-2008)

Laboratory Head/Academic Coordinator

Advanced Electronic Lab. (2011-2017)

Medical Electronic Lab. (2007-2009)

Research & Discovery


Proposal UTM FR (2022)

Proposal CR DTD (2022)

Proposal FRGS (2021)

Proposal FRGS (2020)

Proposal GUP Tier 1 (2017)

Outreach & Public Service

External Examiner

UKM Ph.D Candidate (2022)

IIUM Ph.D Candidate (2018)

SIST Chennai India Ph.D Candidate (2018)

UTeM Master Candidate (2020)

UKM Master Candidate (2016)

UPM Master Candidate (2015)

IIUM Master Candidate (2012)

UiTM Master Candidate (2012)

MMU Master Candidate (2012)

Manuscript Reviewer (Journal)

Frontiers in Neurorobotics (2022)

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine (2021)

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (2021, 2017)

Computers in Human Behavior (2021)

Manuscript Reviewer (Module/Book)

Penerbit UMS (2018)


Audit Related

Undergraduate Monitoring Audit Panel- Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Renewable Energy Engineering, UTM (2016)

Diploma Program Full Acreditation Audit Panel – PPD UTM SPACE, KL (2015)

Undergraduate Compliance Audit Panel – Faculty of Computer Science, UTM (2015)

Undergraduate Compliance Audit Panel- Faculty of Science, UTM (2015)

Internal Auditor, ISO 9001:2000 (past)


Jurnal Elektrika (2006-2010)

Working Committee

Faculty Quality Audit – Chairman (2013-2017)

Faculty Seminar and Short Course – Secretary (2007-2009)

Faculty Quality Academic – Secretary (2006-2008)