Brain Research

2020-2024Decoding Multiple Task States from Electroencephalogram Signals of the Brain using Deep Learning
2014-2015Cortical networks during Executive Function Task using Partial Directed Coherence
2013-2015Formulation of information network in human brain based on task-dependent experiment
2011-2012Information network of Motor Control in Human Brain with Non-distracter Stimuli
2009-2011Modelling the information pathways in human brain during motor task with concurrent visual stimulation
2007-2009Developing Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Using Scalp Electrical Signal (EEG)

Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection

2018-2022ECG Hardware Architectures in Multi-System-on-Programmable Chip
2012-2014Novel Technique for Early Detection of Heart Attack using Semantic Mining
2012-2013Atrial Fibrillation Classification for Early Stroke Detection using Semantic Mining

Other research works(with no grant) include: Fine motor control (EMG related), Cortico-muscular synchronization, Event-related Potentials (ERPs)