Modern Algebra : Definition of Group No. 2

Learn the definition of a group – one of the most fundamental ideas from abstract algebra.

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  1. http://rosnita%20binti%20abdul%20shukur says

    there are 4 basic operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

    definition of group:
    set of elements
    operation: * (binary operation)
    closed under *

    inverses: for all a element of G, there exist a unit of a^(-1) element of G such that a^(-1) * a= e = a * a^(-1)
    identity,e: there exist a unit of e such that e*a=a*e for all a element of G
    Associative: (a*b)*c=a*(b*c) for all a,b,c are elements of G

  2. http://Ahmad%20Syahdansyah%20bin%20Ruzain says

    We understand all 4 basic operation

  3. http://Amirul says

    nice explaination

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