Master (by research) and PhD students

PhD Students (Main Supervisor):

Name               : Nur Nadhira Abdul Rasid

Research Title: Reactive Silica Concrete Containing Eggshell Powder as a Green Accelerator

Status               : In Progress



Name               : Yap Zhen Shyong

Research Title: Utilising Waste Rock Wool in Double Layer Concrete Block for Sound Insulation

Status              : In Progress



Name               : Nurul Amalina Mohammad Sani

Research Title: Cellulosic Aerogel-Carbon Based Nanocomposites for Reinforcement of Cementitious Matrix 

Status              : In Progress



Master Research Student (Main Supervisor):

Name               : Nur Zulzika Mohammad

Research Title: Sound Absorption Properties for Double Layer Concrete Block

Status              : In Progress


Name               : AbdulAziz AbdulMalik

Research Title: Calcined Waste Marine Clay as Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Cement Concrete

Status              : In Progress