Gold Medal – Seoul International Invention Fair 2021

Seoul International Invention Fair 2021. Overall of 465 inventions around the globe and 113 of the participants are from Malaysia has took part in SIIF2021. Inventors from Malaysia has received 1 best inventor, 2 Grand Prizes, 24 Gold, 27 Silver and 37 bronze award.

My team member, Prof Roslan and I have won a gold medal for my research “Multi-criteria Performance-based Contractor Selection System”. This system is a decision making tools that uses Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to help client to choose or select the right contractor based on the performance of the contractor. The performance criteria has been divided by two main criteria which is Past Performance and Potential Performance.

Thank you Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, UTM for believe in me. It definitely a great achievement for me for this year!

Gold Medal and Certificate

My first time experience
With all the seniors and well experience researchers, they won gold medal and Grand Prize!

Technology and Innovation International Conference 2021 (TECHON 2021)

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the Technology and Innovation International Conference 2021 (TECHON 2021) which will be held in a virtual conference, from 14-15 September 2021.

The theme of the conference is “Strengthening TVET Education in The Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) during Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak”. TVET education plays essential roles in contributing to semi-skilled labour to the industries in Malaysia. The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the economic globally, which given the opportunity to strengthen the technological development. The combinations of engineering, information technology, entrepreneurship contribute to the development of Industrial Revolutions IR 4.0. Therefore, TECHON focuses on engineering as a socio-technical task, the design of products and services, and the entrepreneurial innovation process for its adoption in the post-Covid-19 Pandemic. The International Conference on Technology and Innovation brings together leading academics, researchers and academic practitioners, contributing to the global debate on engineering, technology and innovation.


I will present a paper with the title of Virtual Reality for Teaching and Learning Industrialised Building System (IBS) among TVET students.

Industrialized Building System (IBS) is a technology applied in construction. Due to the high demand for integrating IBS components in construction, skills and knowledge development in IBS is inevitable. This called for TVET institutions to lend its hands, as this supposed to prepare the industry with skilled and knowledge workers in IBS. Following the pandemic of Covid-19, the traditional face-to-face approach in teaching and learning in TVET institutions needs to change from hands-on learning to online learning. In this instance, Virtual reality (VR) can help enhance the students’ understanding of IBS and a good option for a harmless learning experience. This paper aimed to identify the readiness among TVET students and the potential of teaching and learning IBS by using immersive virtual reality in TVET institutions. The instrument was administered to students and lecturers in Polytechnic. The result found that students are ready to learn IBS by using immersive virtual reality. However, lecturers required specific training to strengthen their skills and knowledge. The recent development of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the current pandemic situation has caused the education industry to a rapid digitalisation revolution.

Techon2021: Virtual Reality for Teaching and Learning Industrialised Building System (IBS) among TVET students

Principles of Structure – Online project: Developing a paper bridge

Principles of Structures course for Quantity Surveying and Construction students in Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, has adopted an online teaching and learning. To deliver the course effectively, students are divided into groups. They are required to study the problem on how to develop a paper bridge that can withstand certain load, length and other requirements. They are required to discuss the design concept, loading, testing and finally develop the final bridge.

This is one of the Problem-based Learning via online in this course. The result is fantastic when comparing this to non-engineering students with the pure engineering students. This has increased their understanding on the principles of the structure and the most important is they enjoy it very much.

Paper bridge presentation

IBS simulation-based game demo using immersive VR

In line with the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, the rapid evolution of technology has changed the face of education, especially when technology is combined with adequate pedagogical foundations.  Integration of knowledge with authentic scientific practice has become the new approach for the next generation of science and technology education standards which are shaped around meaningful contexts and communities that are easy to be related to the students.  This combination has created new opportunities for improving the quality of teaching and learning experiences.  With the advent of affordable devices, there are infinite possibilities for leveraging educational technology, including games for more profound, engaging and active learning experiences for formal learning. The demo of IBS simulation-based using immersive VR shown in the videos.

IBS simulation-based game demo using immersive VR Part 1
IBS simulation-based game demo using immersive VR Part 2

Virtual Reality at Building Information Modelling Center for Digital Innovations and Solutions (BIMCDIS)

Virtual Reality has become one of the famous tools in embracing the Internet of Things in teaching and learning. Building Information Modelling Center for Digital Innovations and Solutions (BIMCDIS) are proud to be the first public university that has Visionary Render in the southern region. The technology is bought from the Virtalis based in the UK. Virtalis build software and solutions that connect multiple datasets from multiple environments so that colleagues, partners and suppliers can collaborate on complex projects using a common visual language. I-ERAT as a consultant has conducted 2 days training to our Staffs and students at BIMCDIS.


Free Market Johor for OKU

Pada 24 Februari 2018, Kumpulan Free Market Johor telah mengadakan satu program free market untuk golongan OKU dan juga ibu Tunggal di Johor. Program yang diadakan di L50, UTM telah menjemput seramai 200 penerima sumbangan. Seramai 203 orang sukarelawan yang terdiri daripada individu, pelajar UTM skudai, pelajar UNiKL dan badan sukarelawan telah bekerjasama melancarkan program amal ini.

Seramai lebih 15 orang pelajar daripada Jurusan Sarjana Muda Ukur Bahan dan Sains Pembinaan, bersama seorang pensyarah kanan Dr. Nurshikin Mohamad Shukery dari Jabatan Ukur Bahan, Fakulti Alam Bina turut terlibat sama dalam aktiviti sukarelawan ini. Ini memberi peluang dan pendedahan yang baik kepada pelajar dalam memupuk peribadi yang cemerlang dan menyantuni sesama insan dengan tidak mengira latar belakang. Dengan pendedahan seperti ini dapat membuka minat pelajar dalam aktiviti-aktiviti amal dan sukarelawan. Semoga graduan UTM menjadi insan cemerlang dan terbilang di dunia dan akhirat.


Program UTM sepanjang 8 – 10 Ogos 2017

Sepanjang minggu ini, pelbagai majlis akan berlangsung di dalam kampus kita.  Para tetamu daripada dalam dan luar negara terlibat dengan majlis-majlis tersebut.  Untuk makluman semua, senarai majlis, tarikh dan lokasi adalah seperti berikut   :


1)    8 Ogos, 2017

Lawatan Khas Pegawai Tertinggi Markas Angkatan Tentera, Kementerian Pertahanan

      Lokasi   :   Makmal AMTEC dan Aerolab


2)      University Presidents Forum (UPF)    :   8     hingga 10 Ogos, 2017

Kehadiran seramai 97 delegasi daripada 52 universiti  (dalam dan luar negara)

  1.     i)     9 Ogos, 2017   :   Majlis Perasmian dan ucaptama oleh YBhg Datin Paduka Ir. Dr. Siti   Hamisah Tapsir, Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Tinggi

             Lokasi   :   Dewan Senat , Dewan Bankuet, Dewan Sultan Iskandar dan lawatan sekitar kampus


3)      9 Ogos, 2017  –  2.30 petang

Majlis Perasmian Galeri Alam Bina oleh  YBhg Datin Paduka Ir. Dr. Siti   Hamisah Tapsir,   Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Tinggi

       Lokasi   :     Fakulti Alam Bina


4)      9 Ogos, 2017  –     8.00 malam

Suara TN50  :  Aspirasi Warga Pendidikan Tinggi Bersama Menteri  Pendidikan Tinggi, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Idris b. Jusoh

       Lokasi   :  Dewan Bankuet


5)      10 Ogos, 2017  –  Sehari Bersama Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Idris b. Jusoh :

  1. i)Breakfast meeting bersama peserta UPF
  2. ii)Lawatan ke MaGICX  dan Majlis Pelancaran UTM 4.0 4thIndustrial Revolution and Classroom of the Future

iii)      Lawatan ke AMTEC :  Perasmian bangunan

  1. iv) Lawatan ke AEROLAB
  2. v)Majlis menandatangani MoU / MoA di antara Lestari Advanced Technology Sdn Bhd  dengan  UTM (AMTEC dan AEROLAB)
  3. vi) Ramah Mesra Menteri Bersama Pelajar Centre for Students Innovation