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  • Congratulation to Dr Ahmed for this award and definetely me as a supervisor felt so proud with this recognition
  • He actually managed to finish before 3 years (submited his thesis at 5th sem) but due to my lack of awareness on the system etc, led him to only able to submit at 6th semester.
  • Nevertheless, he is still consider grad on time (GOT) with excellent viva defence (minor correction)
  • Officially i am graduating 3 doctorate students. Not a big number to brag about but enough for me to be satisfied at this stage.
  • I hope you can be the best academician in future
  • Till we meet again, inshallah


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27TH APRIL 2022

  • It was perhaps a long journey to both coordinators (Dr Dayang and Dr Idham), not to forget Dr Haryati who helps in the initial stage.
  • It tooks almost 3 years to come to this stage. In fact 2nd reading for MKAQ
  • Hope for a better outcome ( perhaps increase in number of students) in future

1st meeting eye to eye with PA students

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  • They already registered in UTM for the past 1 year
  • But since the pandemic we were not have the oppurtunity to meet physically
  • LAst month all of them successfully graduated for their Diploma…congrstulations again
  • Though not everyone attended, but the 1st meeting turn out memorable
  • For more makan2..inshallah

The blessed 2021

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  • Alhamdulillah for the memorable closing of 2021
  • Hoping for the better future endeavor
  • Pray for the better health, happiest family, surrounded by good people and more achievements in career, inshallah
  • Remain humble and grounded, do not compete with everyone but try the best to follow their good deeds.
  • Welcome 2022 & Hi 40 years old 🙂
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