NTU-FKA Curriculum Benchmarking-24th August 2023

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  1. On August 24th, 2023, a delegation from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, consisting of members from the administration and the curriculum panel, visited Nanyang Technology University in Singapore. The purpose of this visit was to compare and learn from their undergraduate curriculum as part of the FKA’s efforts towards achieving EAC accreditation in 2024.
  2. During our visit, we engaged in a comprehensive discussion regarding their offered curriculum. This discussion encompassed the identification of differences between our programs and yielded valuable insights into new approaches.
  3. Additionally, we had the privilege of touring several laboratories and a research gallery.

The considerable gap in our global rankings, with them at 9th place and us at 118th, doesn’t create any drawbacks for either side; instead, it paves the way for further collaborative opportunities in the future.

Geotechnical Research Group (GRG) National Tour: 15th -18th August 2023

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The GRG team embarked on their inaugural tour, marking a significant milestone. The five-day journey encompassed valuable interactions with industries and communities. Our itinerary commenced with a visit to CKC JKR KL, followed by a two-day expedition to Penang, where fruitful discussions and insightful site visits took place in collaboration with MBPP. Subsequently, we ventured to Tapah for a CSR activity at Maahad Tahfiz, organized by the Survey team. Our journey continued to Cameron Highlands for a two-day exploration, including a visit to a site in Ringlet.

The potential result of these visits was the initiation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), fostering a collaborative partnership encompassing data sharing, training, consultations, and more.

While the principal goal of this tour is to enhance industry and community collaborations as outlined by the research group’s targeted performances, it equally serves the purpose of nurturing a robust bond among us and, without a doubt, creating enduring and noteworthy memories.

To countless more cherished memories ahead 🙂

Academic Supervisor Student

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Being their academic advisor for approximately three years has been a relatively brief yet meaningful journey. While my level of concern and care might not have been extensive, and our interactions may have been infrequent, my constant prayer has been directed towards witnessing their accomplishments. Here are a few memories that continue to reside in my phone gallery.

FYP Geotechnics 2022-2023

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A year filled with memories alongside these four individuals.

To Apit, Najib, Hareed & Muja:

May your future be illuminated with brightness and blessings. Sending well wishes for your careers, and who knows, perhaps one day you will emerge as distinguished geotechnical engineers, should your passion for this field persist.

Achievement: UTMFR grant

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  • Successfully secured the university’s grant (UTMFR-phase 2/2022)
  • Special thanks and gratitude to arwah Muhammad Azril Bin Hezmi for the continuous support and the guidance
  • The proposal itself was from his idea
  • Not to forget my team member Dr Siti Norafida and Dr Mohd Farhan for your contribution while preparing the proposal
  • Looking for more remarkable outcome
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