Dr Liew and Dr Nurfatehah have ran new teaching methodology in elective subject (SMJC 4623 Energy Conversion Science and Technology).


ZigSaw Peer Teaching

The student expert groups are given a specific topic for research and pis preparation on world and national energy senario. The students are provided to the reading materials through e-learning portal and they are not limited to these materials only. The students are required to prepare their poster on mahjong paper provided.


The students are then join a study group for gallery walk, which the study group consisted of representative from all expert groups. The groups are then walk around the poster and the member in the particular expert group should present to the rest of the member in the study group. Lecturer is walking ramdonly with the student to guide the students for asking more questions.



The session is then ended with a conclusion session, which students are required to gather the unanswered questions in the groups for students further readings. Then, the lecturer briefly conclude the topics accordingly to the whole class.