Doctor of Philosophy

Nasser Mohammed Saleh Al Rizeiqi              Role: Main Supervisor           2021 – now
Title: Techno-Economic Analysis for Regional Hydrogen Energy Transition

Mohamad Azreen Firdaus Abd Aziz                Role: Main Supervisor           2020 – now
Title: Techno-Economic Analysis for Urban Hydrogen Energy System

Yong Wen Ni                                                          Role: Main Supervisor           2019 – now
Title: Optimisation of Combined Chilling, Heating and Power System for Locally Integrated Energy Sectors

Calvin Kong Leng Sing                                        Role: Main Supervisor           2017 – 2020
Title: Optimal Integration of Solar Thermal Energy into Utilities System of a Process Plant

Master of Philosophy

Abdul Syakir bin Abdul Wahab                          Role: Main Supervisor            2020 – now
Title: Incorporation of Energy Losses in Total Site Heat Integration Targeting Methodologies

Muhammad Nurheilmi bin Hamsani               Role: Main Supervisor            2017 – 2019
Title: Combined Pinch and Exergy Numerical Analysis for Low Temperature Heat  Exchanger Network

Norhafiza Kamarudin                                           Role: Main Supervisor            2016 – 2021
Title: Integration of Organic Rankine Cycle in Total Site Heat Integration

Research Project – Master of Science (Energy Management)

Imran bin Ismail                                                     Role: Main Supervisor            2020 – 2021
Title: Integration of Hydrogen Storage System in Locally Distributed Energy System

Research Project – Master of Sustainable Systems

Tan Wei En                                                                Role: Main Supervisor            2021 – 2022
Title: Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Assessment for Cow Manure Co-digestion for Biogas Production

 Hazirah Hanim binti Zaharuddin                      Role: Main Supervisor            2021 – 2022
Title: Optimisation of Regional Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain 

Final Year Project – Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering

Academic Year 2021/2022

Gan Cheng Ling
Title: Optimisation of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Microgrid System for Urban-Industrial Energy System

Leong Jing Heng
Title: Simulation Study on Sewage Sludge Anaerobic Digestion assisted by Sub-critical Water Hydrolysis

Wan Aina Syahirah binti Wan Abdullah
Title: Integration of Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems for Urban-Industrial Energy System using Pinch Analysis

Academic Year 2020/2021

Lee Zhi Ying
Title: Life-Cycle Environmental and Cost Analysis of Palm Biomass-based Bio-Ethanol Production in Malaysia

Pang Kang Ying
Title: Optimisation of Renewable-based Multi-Energy System with Hydrogen Energy for Urban-Industrial Symbiosis

Liew Kui Cheng
Title: Simulation of Hybrid Absorption Heat Transformer and Pump

Academic Year 2019/2020

Hoong Kai Jun
Title: Total Site Heat Integration with Adsorption Heat Pump

Emily Amy Au Thin
Title: Total Site Heat and Power Integration with Gas Turbine

Tey Hon Shawn
Title: Comparative Life Cycle Analysis Study for Large Scale Solar Power Plant and Palm Oil Plantation

Academic Year 2018/2019

Lee Peoy Ying
Title: Simultaneous Total Site Heat and Power Optimisation

Mohamad Amirul Fahmi bin Ahmad Azam
Title: Total Site Exergy Analysis for Process and Site Utility

Muhammad Ammar Syukri bin Muhamad Adzahar
Title: Total Site Heat Optimisation using P-Graph Optimisation Tool

Academic Year 2017/2018

Abdul Syakir bin Abdul Wahab
Title: Development of Software Module for Total Site Heat Integration Using Excel VBA

Academic Year 2016/2017

Raja Maizatul Aishah binti Raja Abdullah
Title: Integration of Heat Pumps in Total Site Heat Integration