Work life balance in academia

3 Hacks To Maintain A Work-Life Balance In Academia

Hack #1. Make plans. Many, many plans

Hack #2 Be selective

Hack #3 Eat, sleep and drink

What do you think of these hacks to keep a work-life balance in Academia?

Let’s recap the main ideas:

Set a plan, have goals, do your best and if you are not finished, go home without feeling guilty, you will resume your work tomorrow.
Focus on what matters and say no to distractions.
Stay healthy. Taking care of your body is taking care of your mind.

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A long Academic Journey

Assalamualaikum and very good morning.

I may start my post today to share my long academic journey. The never ending journey will never stop me from gaining more and more knowledge and skill to improve me as an academician in an academia. My mother use to ask me, “Bila Da nak habis belajar?” (When will you finish your study?) to make her happy I would say “tak lama lagi” (Approaching). That was happened from my first start of pursuing my Diploma until my PhD. Now, she will say, “Belajar la selagi mampu” (continue study till the end).