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Role Type Total (RM)
University Public Industry International
Principal Investigator 18,936.80 [1] 146,200.00 [1] 165,136.80 [1]
Collabrator / Member 96,000.00 [2] 227,000.00 [4] 323,000.00 [6]
341,936.80 [7]

Principal Investigator

1 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) [FRGS/1/2021/TK0/UTM/02/19]. Public Grant. Ant-Lion Optimization in Component Sizing and Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic- Thermoelectric Generator Cogeneration System. 07/09/21-06/09/23. RM 146,200.00.
Greaduate Research Assistance (GRA) [1]
Muhammad Fariz Izzwan bin Zaki (MKE213009)
2 UTM Encouragement Research (UTMER) [Q.J130000.2651.18J39]. University Grant. Improved Control Strategy for Photovoltaic emulator. 01/11/19-30/04/22. RM 18,936.80.
ISI Index [2]
R. Ayop, C. W. Tan, and A. L. Bukar, “Simple and fast computation photovoltaic emulator using shift controller,” IET Renewable Power Generation, vol. 14, pp. 2017-2026, 2020. IF 3.894, Q1. [Free Access].
R. Ayop, C. W. Tan, M. S. A. Mahmud, S. N. Syed Nasir, T. Al-Hadhrami, and A. L. Bukar, “A simplified and fast computing photovoltaic model for string simulation under partial shading condition,” Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, vol. 42, p. 100812, 2020/12/01/ 2020. IF 3.427, Q2.
Scopus Index [1]
R. Ayop, S. M. Ayob, T. C. Wei, T. Sutikno and M. J. A. Aziz, “Comparison of Electronic Load using Linear Regulator and Boost Converter“, International Journal of Power Electronics and Drives (IJPEDS), Vol 12 No. 3, pp.1720-1728, September 2021.
Conference [2]
R. Ayop, C. Tan, S. S. Nasir, N. Nordin, and M. Mahmud, “Angle-Based Photovoltaic Curve Tracing using Boost Converter,” in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2021, p. 012016. (ISI Index).
R. Ayop, C. W. Tan, M. Z. Daud, S. M. Ayob, A. B. Jusoh, and M. R. Sahid, “Photovoltaic Emulator using Particle Swarm Optimization,” in 2021 IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion (CENCON), 2021, pp. 17-21.
Copyright [4]
Boost Converter Design for MPPT Application, IP CR 00675 and LY2020006907, © 2020 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – All Rights Reserved.
PV Model with Partial Shading Capability, IP CR 01148 and LY2020005506, © 2020 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – All Rights Reserved.
Current-Resistance Photovoltaic Model Computed using Binary Search Method – IP/CR/2019/0780 and LY2019008639, © 2020 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – All Rights Reserved.
Rapid Prototyping of Photovoltaic Emulator Using Buck Converter Based on Fast Convergence Resistance Feedback Method – IP/CR/2019/0779 and LY2019008665, © 2020 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – All Rights Reserved.

Collaborator / Member

Grant Vote Type Title Duration Amount
Contract Research DTD [Zulkarnain Bin Ahmad Noorden] R.J130000.7651.4C483 Industrial Grant Projek Aplikasi Sistem Tenaga Elektrik Solar PV Bagi Kampung Nelayan Atas Air di Tanjung Surat, Johor 15/03/21-14/03/22 RM 87,800.00
Contract Research DTD [Dr. Jasrul Jamani Jamian] R.J130000.7651.4C480 Industrial Grant Pembangunan Sistem Tenaga Solar PV Di Kampung Orang Asli Terakhir Tanpa Bekalan Berterusan Di Johor: Tewowoh, Mersing 15/03/21-14/03/22 RM 114,200.00
UTM Encouragement Research (UTMER) [Mohd Zaki Daud] Q.J130000.3851.19J23 University Grant Thermoelectric Generator For Charging Mobile Devices 01/10/20-30/09/22 RM 56,000.00
Industry-International Incentive Grant [Dr. Jasrul Jamani Jamian] Q.J130000.3651.02M74 Industrial Grant Performance Evaluation on Photovoltaic Solar System with the Implementation of Phase Change Material as Cooling Agent 01/12/20-30/11/21 RM 10,000.00
Contract Research DTD [Dr. Jasrul Jamani Jamian] R.J130000.7651.4C373 Industrial Grant TNB kWh Meters Impulse Signal Evaluation for NextCentury Application 22/07/20-22/09/20 RM 15,000.00
UTMShine [Ir. Dr. Tan Chee Wei] Q.J130000.2451.09G32 University Grant Energy Management and Sizing of and Autonomous Microgrid using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm. 01/03/20-


RM 40,000.00

Research Proposal

Grant Year Reference Number Type Title Status
Fantastic 4 2022 University Grant DC Microgrid / Bidirectional Converter / Energy management System Rejected
Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 2020 338561-376445 Public Grant Photovoltaic Emulator with Partial Shading Capability using Fast Computing Mathematical Model Rejected
UTM Fundimental Research (UTMFR) 2019 PY/2019/01489 University Grant Simplification of Robust Fuzzy Logic Controller for Low Processing Burden Photovoltaic Emulator Application. Rejected