This is an old article. But very relevant. It may help with my current research on youth unemployment in Malaysia.

Sad but true.. Malays are being discriminated. This perception has been a common knowledge for long. But now we have an empirical research to prove it.

It is employers’ discretion about whom they want to hire. No doubt about that. But doing it deliberately is just unfair. However, I would like to take the commentator’s approach – don’t whine, find the solution. I agree about the critical need for candidates to take up Mandarin to improve their job chances. Government should have introduced Mandarin in our school curriculum. I am sure smart people, if any, in the administration have thought about this. I am not surprise if it wasn’t considered due to our complicated political landscape.

My daughter used to take a Mandarin class for a couple of years in her kindy and school. She wasn’t interested to continue. She gave the excuse that ‘her hands hurt’ (due to the repetitive writing of the characters). Being a half-Chinese herself doesn’t really help. The father does not even speak the mother tongue!