PhD students

Mohammed Faraj Abdulgader Edbeib (Main supervisor) 2012-2017 (Graduated) Isolation and characterization of 2,2-dichloropripionate-degrading halophilic bacteria from the Bosphorus sea, Turkey.
Elham Khalili (Main supervisor ) 2014-2017 (Graduated) Formulation and characterization of β-glucosidase from Trichoderma harzianum as green fungicide against charcoal rot caused Macrophomina phaseolina.
Wafaa Hassan Muslem (co-supervisor) 2013-2017 (Graduated) Isolation and characterization of Beta-specific Bacteria Efficient in degrading of 3-chloropropionic  acid.
Aliyu Adamu (co-supervisor) 2015-2018 (Graduated) Characterization of DehL based on in-silico studies.
Elizah Mohamad (co-supervisor) 2012-2017 (Graduated) Cloning, overexpression and characterization of a pesticide resistant Nicotiana tabacum.
Onoja Emmanuel (Main supervisor) 2015-2018 (Graduated) Fabrication of oil palm frond silica-Rhizomucor miehei lipase supported nanobioconjugates for non-aqueous biocatalysis.
Kalaivani Batumalaei (Main supervisor) 2015-2018 (Graduated) Isolation, cloning and characterization of novel alkaline-stable lipase producing bacteria from palm oil effluent.
Se Kuan Wei (Co-supervisor) 2016  -2018    (Graduated) Profilling of Heterotrigona itama honey from different localities of Malaysia.
Nurhaziqah Che Marzuki (Main supervisor) 2016-2019 (On-going)  Formulation, characterization and efficacy study of anti-ageing gallic acid esters nanoemulsion from Pouteria campechiana.
Uchenna Mgbenka (Main supervisor)  2016-2019 (On-going)  Isolation, overexpression and characterization of bacterial producing cellulase from palm oil effluent for bioremediation of agricultural biomass.
Nursyafiqah Elias (Main supervisor) 2018-2021  (On-going)  Cellulose-silica nanocomposite from oil palm frond leaves (OPFL) reinforced polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for removal of chromium Cr(IV) in water.
Nissha Bharrathi Romes (Main supervisor) 2017-2020  (On-going) Nanoemulsion loaded with antioxidants from Elaeis guineensis and application studies
Azzanizawaty Yahya (Main supervisor) 2017-2020 (On-going) Nanoemulsion fro anti-ageing from bioactive extracts of ripen Ananas cosmosus
Fatma Abeed (Co-supervisor) 2016-2019 (On-going) Synthesis of anti-HIV effective thiazolidine derivatives and in silico efficacy investigation by molecular dynamics and molecular docking.
Muhamad Muhamad (Main supervisor) 2018-2021 (On-going) Green fungicide formulation and efficacy study against pathogenic Ganoderma species infecting mature Elaeis guineensis
Aida Rasyidah Azman (Co-supervisor) 2017-2020 (On going) Green novel enzyme nanoconjugates for visualizing latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces.
Habeebat Adikilekun (Co-supervisor) 2018-2021 (On-going) A 16S rRNA metagenomic study to assess influence of salinity on microbial diversity of Tuz Golu Lake


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