The 3 Musketeers is Back!!! The UTM DNA geng!!???
Alhamdulilaaah.. after 2 years PHD graduation we reunited today for lunch date!! Im so touched and cherish this friendship forever..my loyal friends!!!

We are buddies since 2016 when the 1st day 3 of us has been elected as the Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS) for faculty level and university level.. We are from different field, different faculty as well….3 of us are the PGSS President in our faculty and 3 of us also hold position at University level as President (Ery), Vice President (Sab) and Treasurer (Vekes)..

We started to have a good chemistry and good teamwork since day 1 of PGSS.. and faith bring us together again after the tenure of PGSS when we had Viva-Voce in the same month of course in the same year and surprisingly we has been selected as the recipients of Best Postgraduate Student Award 2018 and we are on the stage together for the Convocation which is on 2018..

After that, our journey as Academicians begin when Dr Ahmad Qushairi Mohamad was first started his job in UTM at Faculty Science, then after 2 months followed by Me at AHIBS.. and couples of months after me and ery, Dr Vekes Balasundram started his job at MJIIT.. This is what we called faith..

Friendship are born in a million different ways, and all good friends strive to achieve the same goals, to be a source of support. Finding a true friends is not easy and its a like a gift when you able to pick your besties that keeps on giving, even when they are thousands of miles aways!! These 2 are actually a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and always supporting each others in every steps of the way.. I really cherish this bonding with these 2 cupcakes…?

Hope to see you again Vekes.. do come and visit both of us here frequently ya..

Prof Zaida Tasir your 3 Musketeers is back! And our sisters at SPS Hamimah Nozari Ayza Tasiran Kimmy Pai Azfalela Jamaludin Teeya Mustari, we are back!! ?


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