List of Awarded Research Grants

NoName of GrantRoleTypeAmount (RM)Vote No
1Automated Liquid Level Process System For Water SustainabilityProject LeaderPRGS-ICC20,0004J399
2Water Leaks Detection System In Distribution PipesProject LeaderTier 220,00014J58
3Integration Of The Metal-Based Flexible Thermoelectric Generator With The Conditioning Circuit And Characterization Of Overall SystemProject LeaderCRG20,00007G68
4Optimization Of Krylov Subspace And Diem-Arnoldi On Micro Electromechanical System (Mems); A Model Order Reduction TechniqueProject LeaderTier 134,00009H82
5Study Of A Novel Inverted Decoupling Control For A Quadraple Tank Process For Optimization Using Bees Algorithm And Firefly Algorithm.Project LeaderFRGS44,6004F413
6Automated Artificial Insemination Technique And Application In GoatsProject LeaderTier 160,00002H71
7Frequency Weighted Model Reduction Technique For Wastewater Treatment PlantProject LeaderTier 240,00002J59
8Use Of Vec And Kronecker Product, A Least Squares Approach For Frequency Weighted Model Reduction TechniquesProjek LeaderFRGS43,8603F626
9Frequency Weighted Model Order Reduction TechniqueProjek LeaderST20,0003T153
10Iot System For Monitoring Of Water Quality At Ranhill Saj Water Supply FacilitiesMemberUTM Shine40,00009G25
11Effect Of Agility In Performance Of Badminton PlayersMemberFRGS66,0005F187
12Intelligent Programable Robotic Arm Manipulator Educational RigMemberPRGS-UTM65,00000L38
13Modeling And Simulation Of Foreign Contaminants In Milk Using UltrasoundMemberUTM-FRGS78,00021H06
14Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (Urov) For Water Pipeline Inspection WorkMemberPRGS-ICC20,0004J392
15Intelligent Automated Robotic Arm For Small And Medium Food Industry: Kek Lapis SarawakMemberPRGS-ICC20,0004J388
16Electrical Tomography Sensing System For Pneumatic Pipeline Flow Imaging.MemberUTM-TDR90,00006G80
17Power Quality Issues Related To Renewable Energy (Re) Integration System.MemberUTM-TDR40,00007G53
18Metal Based Flexible Thermoelectric MicrogeneratorMemberCRG160,00004G94
19External Consensus Protocol For Heterogeneous Networked Multi-Agent System (Nmas) With Communication DelayMemberPAS20,00002K48
20Design A Wire Mesh Tomography SystemMemberUTM R&D20,0004J143
21Modeling And Simulation Of Wearable Thermo-Electric Energy Harvesting ProcessesMemberFlagship58,00002G15
22Fundamental Study On Modeling And Control Of Pome Membrane Bioreactor Filtration System Using Artificial Neural NetworkMemberFRGS106,4004F425
23Inverse Model Based Pid Compensation For Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference SystemsMemberTier 154,00005H44
24Formulation Of Power Flow In A Through-The-Road Hybrid Electric VehicleMemberFRGS85,7004F273
25Novel Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Algorithms For Online-Tuning Active Vibration Control Of Shell StructureMemberFRGS80,0004F395
26Recursive Identification Based On Subspace Algorithm Via Exploitation Of Singular Value Decomposition Technique.MemberTier 180,00002H70
27Multi-Sampled And Multi-Algorithm Thermal Imagery For Face Recognition ApplicationsMemberNAS20,0004P043
28Design Of A Simulator For The Activated Sludge Wastewater SystemMemberTier 240,00002J44
29Development Of A Low-Cost Near-Infrared Spectroscopy For Fruits And Vegetables Quality CharacterizationMemberTier 1144,00000H09
30A Study To Measure Bubble Velocity Profile In Liquid Column Using Optical Tomography TechniqueMemberTier 240,00000J04
31Ultrasonic Tomography Imaging For Measuring Oxygen Transfer Rate In BioreactorMemberTier 1167,00000H01