Completed Projects


No Project Title Vot No Grant Start  End
 1. Research And Development on Virtual Interactive Software for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Academy, Institut Teknologi Petronas (INSTEP) R.J130000.7609.4C079 CR 9-June-15 25-June-15
2. Real-Time Shadow With The Effects Of Sky Colour In Virtual Environment Q.J130000.7128.01J10 GUP TIER 2  1-Apr-11  31-Mar-12
 3. Real-Time Soft Shadow With effect of Sun’s Position in Virtual Environment 4F085  FRGS (MOHE)  1-Jul-11  30-Jun-13
 4. Improved Illumination Registration Algorithm For Augmented Reality  78658  FRGS (MOHE)  1-Apr-10  31-Mar-12
 5.  3D Scene Management to Reduce the Computational Cost of an Immersive Driving Simulator System  79282  Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Apr-08  31-Mar-10
6. Enhanging Hajj Performance : Novel Crowd Management System and Reduction of Related Health Problems R.J130000.7828.4L814 LRGS 2-July-15 30-Dis-15
7. Hand-Eye Coordination Trainer Using 3rd Sensor Camera For Athlete R.J130000.7828.4L623 PRGS 1-Augt-13 31-July-15
8. Enhancing Hajj Performance : Novel Crowd Management System And Reduction of Related Health Problems R.J130000.7828.4L814 LRGS 2-July-12 12-Dis-16
9. Urban Workbench : Gesture-Based Interaction With 3d Object Tracking o Tabletop Augmented Reality R.J130000.7828.4L092 ERGS 1-June-13 31-May-15
10. A New Technique For Realistic Virtual Heritage in Outdoor Augmented Reality R.J130000.7828.4F17 FRGS 1-Apr-13 31-Mar-15
11. Silhouette Detection Algorithm in Shadow Generation For Virtual Environtment Q.J130000.2528.04H58 Tier 1 1-Dis-12 31-Dis-14
12. Photo-Realistic Properties of Virtual Heritage in Augmented Q.J130000.21A2.00E87 PDRU 1-Aug-13 31-July-14
13. Outdoor Heritage Building Rendering in Augmented Reality Q.J130000.2428.00G78 Flagship 1-Apr-13 31-Mar-14
14. Real-Time Soft Shadow With Effect of Sun’s Position in Virtual Environment R.J130000.7828.4F085 FRGS 1-Jul-11 30-June-13
15. Real-Time Shadow With The Effects Of Sky Colour in Virtual Environment Q.J130000.2628.01J10 Tier 2 1-Apr-11 31-July-12
16. Improved Illumination Registration Algorithm for Augmented Reality R.J130000.7828.3F532 FRGS 1-Apr-10 31-Mar-12
17. 3D Scene Management to Reduce the Computational Cost of An Immersive Driving Simulator System R.J130000.7928.3S278 eScienceFund 1-Apr-08 31-Mar-12
18. The Development Of Real-Time Rendering For Large-Scale 3D Virtual Heritage  79079  Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Apr-06  31-Mar-08
19. The Development Of Cloud Modelling And Motion Analysis For Virtual Environment  74079  IRPA (MOSTI)  1-Jul-02  31-Dec-04
20. The Development Of Real-Time Daylight Sky Colour Simulation For Virtual Environment 71843 UPP 1-Jul-02 30-Sep-03



* Selected project – role as project member

No Project Title Vot No Grant Start End
 1. Pembangunan Aplikasi Augmented Reality (AR) Dalam Penerbitan Kompilasi Ucapan Perdana Menteri Malaysia 2009-2014 R.J130000.7628.4C072 CR  3-Mar-15 2-Mar-16
2. Online Cardivascular Diseases Early Detection And Management System Q.J130000.2409.03G12 Flagship 1-Mar-15 29-Feb-16
3. Vector Quantization (VQ) For The Data Compression of ECG Waveform Q.J130000.2409.03G01 Flagship 1-Mar-15 29-Feb-16
4. Natural Interaction Technique of Sport Athlete Training And In Hand-Eye Coordination R.J130000.7928.4S115 Science Fund (SF) 1-Mar-15 30-Sep-16
5. Algorithm For Sign Language Recognition On A Mobile Platform Q.J130000.2709.01K26 Tier 1 1-May-15 31-Oct-16
6. Photo-Realistic Light Shaft For Outdoor Rendering In Virtual Environments Q.J130000.2709.01K26 PAS 1-Dis-14 30-Nov-15
7. Kinect Hand And Eye Coordination For English Learning Q.J130000.2445.02G25 C Flagsgip 1-July-14 30-June-17
8. Graphic User Interface for 3D GIS Q.J130000.2428.02G71 G Flagship 1-July-14 30-June-16
9. Novel Interactive Fluid Model for Blood Flow Simulation in Multiple Branches of Vasculature R.J130000.7828.4F469 FRGS 1-July-14 30-June-16
10. Development of Motion Simulator Platform Using Intelligent Hydraulic Actuator System Q.J130000.2509.07H20 Tier 1 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-16
11. Enhanced Quranic Recitation Recognition Using Temporal And Acoustic Model For Tajweed Hukum Q.J130000.2528.08H08 Tier 1 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-16
12. A New Algorithm of Peer-To-Peer Cooperation Video Streaming To Improve Video Streaming Performance Over Multimedia Social Network R.J130000.7828.4F301 FRGS 16-Dis-13 15-Dis-15
13. The Design Of New Emotional Features to Detect Angry Emotion for Heart Disease Patient R.J130000.7828.4F253 FRGS 16-Dis-13 15-Dis-15
14. Mediater And Moderator Effects On The Realtionship Between , Independent Variable Behavioral And Engagement of Playing Digital Game. Q.J130000.2528.09H16 Tier 1 1-July-14 30-June-15
15. Dynamic Cardivascular Visualization Based on Myocardium Functions Using Deformable Geometric Surfacaces Q.J130000.2428.01G74 Flagship 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-15
16. A Novel Image Segmentation Approach Using Graph Cut Method And Binary Shapes To Differentiate Bone From Knee Magnetic Resonance Images Q.J130000.2528.09H17 Tier 1 1-July-15 30-June-15
17. Intuitive Mobile – Based Tracking For Urban Simulation in Augmented Reality Environment R.J130000.SF.7928.4S07 SF 1-July-13 31-Dis-14
18. An Energy – Efficient Routing Approach for Extending Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime R.J130000.7828.4F222 FRGS 1-Apr-13 31-Mar-15
19. Rubber Tree Clone Recognition Based On Leaf Q.J130000.2511.04H28 Tier 1 1-Dis-12 31-Dis-14
20. Three-Dimensional Particle Trace Visualisation for Review of Cardivascular Blood Flow Q.J130000.2428.00G86 Flagship 1-Apr-13 31-Mar-14
21. Real Time Crying And Sweating Simulation Based On Human Emotion Through Brain Computer Interface And Haptic Heat to Perform Realistic Virtual Human R.J130000.7911.4S026 SF 1-June-12 30-Nov-13
22. Natural Interaction on Human Body Tracking for Low-Cost Motion Capture for Real-Time Computer Graphics Applications Q.J130000.2628.01J41 Tier 2 1-Apr-11 31-July-12
23. Expressive Facial Animation Detail for Simulating Aging And Emotion Wrinkle on Virtual Human Q.J130000.2611.01J17 Tier 2 1-Apr-11 31-July-12
 24. A Subdivision Surfaces For A Virtual Environment Application 79403 Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Feb-10  31-Jul-11
 25. GPU-based Real-Time Terrain Visualization System 79331  Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Dec-08  31-May-10
 26. The Development of Real Time Virtual Reality Games Based on Human Haptic Emotion for Artificial Life Simulation  79326  Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Oct-08  30-Sep-10
 27.  The Development of Hand Gesture Interpreter for Standard Malay Text  79325  Sciencefund (MOSTI)  1-Nov-08  31-Oct-10
 28. The Development of Low Cost 3D Visualization Tools for MRI Data  79273  Sciencefund (MOSTI) 1-Mar-08  31-Aug-09
 29. The Development of a Hierarchical Heterogeneous Bounding Volumes Tool for Detecting Object Interference in Urban Simulation  79237  Sciencefund (MOSTI) 1-Oct-07  30-Jun-09
 30. Collaborative Technique for Multi-user Interaction in Augmented Reality 78506 FRGS (MOHE) 15-Nov-09 14-Nov-11
 31. Appearance Preserving on Out-Core Simplification in Real-Time 3D Game Visualisation 75166 FRGS (MOHE) 1-Sep-04 31-Aug-05
 32. The Development of Deformable Bodies Collision Response Algorithm for Interactive Virtual Environment 74224 IRPA (MOSTI) 12-Dec-03 30-Jun-06
 33. The Development of Local Solar Irradiance for Outdoor Computer Graphics Rendering 74135 IRPA (MOSTI) 1-Jan-03 30-Jun-05
 34. Development Of Web Based Non-Rational B-Apline (NURBS) Surface Reconstruction System. 74116 IRPA (MOSTI) 1-Nov-02 31-Oct-05
 35. Model for Functional Adaptation of Cancellous Bone 208 FRGS 40550 30-Jun-13