Dr. Mohamad Shazwan Ahmad Shah

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Senior Lecturer | Faculty of Civil Engineering |

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Welcome to the academic profile of Dr. Mohamad Shazwan Ahmad Shah, a distinguished Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Dr. Shazwan is renowned for his expertise in the niche area of Integrated Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Analysis for Enhancing Structural Durability.


About Dr. Mohamad Shazwan Ahmad Shah

With an unwavering dedication to advancing the field of civil engineering, Dr. Shazwan is a leading figure in the world of structural engineering and material science. His research contributions span a diverse spectrum of critical themes, each with far-reaching implications for the construction industry and sustainable infrastructure development. 


Research Expertise

Fatigue Limit Characterization

Dr. Shazwan excels in the development of innovative methods for characterizing fatigue limits in structural materials. His research offers profound insights into how various environmental and loading conditions impact the endurance of structural components.

Cycle-to-Failure Prediction Models

His pioneering work encompasses the creation of advanced predictive models that account for a multitude of factors, including material properties, environmental influences, and loading conditions. These models accurately estimate the number of cycles to failure for a wide array of structural systems.

Materials Innovation

Dr. Shazwan’s exploration of novel materials, composites, additives, and treatments has resulted in enhanced structural durability while aligning with sustainability principles. His research plays a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of construction practices.

Structural Design Optimization

His research findings are directly applicable to optimizing structural designs across various applications. Dr. Shazwan has been instrumental in creating more resilient and durable structural systems, always with a keen focus on safety and efficiency.

Field Validation and Monitoring

To ensure that his research findings translate into real-world impact, Dr. Shazwan actively engages in field validation and continuous monitoring of various structural systems. This practical approach ensures that his work contributes to tangible solutions in the field of civil engineering.

Impactful Contributions

Dr. Mohamad Shazwan Ahmad Shah’s research stands as a testament to his commitment to advancing structural durability and sustainability. His contributions have made a significant impact on the civil engineering and construction sectors, offering both a deeper understanding of fatigue and fracture mechanics and practical solutions for enhancing structural performance.

Engagement and Collaboration

Dr. Shazwan is an avid collaborator, working closely with industry partners, research institutions, and fellow academics to drive innovation in civil engineering. His expertise is in high demand, and he regularly shares his insights through publications, conferences, and workshops.


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For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to learn more about Dr. Mohamad Shazwan Ahmad Shah’s research and expertise, please feel free to contact him via email at mohamadshazwan@utm.my 

Dr. Shazwan’s dedication to advancing structural durability through integrated fatigue and fracture mechanics analysis makes him a valued asset to the academic community and the broader civil engineering field. Join him on this transformative journey toward more sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

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M46-311 Faculty of Civil Engineerting, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia