Research Group

Integrated Water Resources Management Research Group 

  • Research Areas:

Innovative solutions of hydrological problems in the context of global environmental changes using statistical and mathematics models

Characterization and forecasting of various hydrological processes and water-related disasters, modeling climate changes and their impacts with associated uncertainties, multi-criteria decision making in adaptation and mitigation planning.

  • Members:
  • Prof. Shamsuddin Shahid (Group Leader)
    • Room No.: M46-332
    • Phone: +60 7 5531624 (office)
    • Email:
  • Prof. Dr. Sobri Bin Harun (Email:
  • Dr. Zulkiflee Bin Ibrahim (Email:
  • Mr. Muhammad Nassir Bin Hanapi (Email:
  • Mr. Amat Sairin Bin Demun (Email:
  • Mr. Abu Bakar Bin Fadzil @ Zulkifly (Email:

  • Current Researchers:
Name Research Title  Degree
   Mohamad Rajab Nassrallah HOUMSI

 Modeling impacts of climate change on aridity and crop water demand in Syria PhD (Graduated)

Mohamed Salem NASHWAN

  Mohamed Sanusi Shiru

Hydro economic model to assess the impacts of droughts on agriculture under different climate change scenarios  PhD (Graduated)

Muhammad Noor

Effects climate change on rainfall-intensity-duration-frequency(IDF) curves PhD
Najeebullah  Khan    PhD (Graduated)
  Saleem Abdulridha Salman

Modeling the impacts of environmental changes on hydrological regimes of Iraq  PhD (Graduated)
  Zafer Iqbal

Climate variability and changes in Northern Areas of Pakistan Msc
  Zulfaqar Sa`adi


Spatial temporal changes in climate and hydrology of Sarawak under different representative concentration pathways scenarios  PhD (Graduated)

If you would like to join our research group, please, Contact Prof. Shamsuddin Shahid.