Past Students

PhD Students

  1. Mohd Shah Rizal Samsudin (2022), “Balanced Weighted Unified Discriminant and Distribution Alignment for Open-View Human Action Recognition“.
  2. Mohamed Atef Abd el Moneim El Khoreby (2022), “Adaptive Background Subtraction Technique with Unique Feature Representation for Vehicle Counting“.
  3. Bashir Muhammad (2018), “Human Face Detection Based on Skin Colour and Curvelet Transform Features“.
  4. Shaparas Daliman (2016), “Texture Analysis Techniques for Detection and Characterization of Oil Palm Tree Based on Remote Sensing Imagery“.
  5. Feri Candra (2016), “Hypespectral Imaging for Starfruit Quality Inspection“.
  6. Adel Ameerahmed H. Hafeez Allah (2016), “Multiscale Discrete Curvelet Transform Approach in Background Independent Crowd Estimation for Almasjid Annabawi“.
  7. Mazen Abdullah Edha Bahashwan (2016), “Offline Arabic Characters Segmentation and Recognition“.
  8. Arezou Banitalebi Dehkordi (2015), “Adaptive Noise Reduction and Code Matching for Iris Recognition System“.
  9. Norhashimah Mohd Saad (2015), “Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Image Analysis Techniques for Detecting and Classifying Brain Lesions“.
  10. Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi (2015), “Robust Watermarking for Magnetic Resonance Images with Automatic Region of Interest Detection“.
  11. Goh Kam Meng (2015), “Three Dimensional Information Estimation and Tracking for Moving Objects Detection using Two Cameras Framework“.
  12. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf (2014), “Human Action Recognition and Retrieval in Digital Video Using Optimised Relevance Feedback and Ensemble Bag of Words“.
  13. Syed Omid Shahdi (2012), “Framework for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition“.
  14. Chan Yun Fah (2012), “A Statistical Performance Inficator in Some Image Processing Problems” (Co-Supervisor).
  15. Rudi Herianshah (2011), “Defect Detection and Characterization on Thermal Image by Means of Passive Thermography“.
  16. Norliza Mohd Nor (2010), “Lung Diseases Detection based on Statistical Discrimination for Some Respiratory Diseases“.
  17. Usman Ullah Sheikh (2009), “A Framework for Three Dimensional Model-Based Camera Positioning Invariant Vehicle Classification“.
  18. Musa Mohd Mokji (2009), “Classification and Detection of Defects in Carambola“.
  19. Nazori A Gani (2007), “Identification of Myocardial Infarction Tissue Based on Texture Analysis“.
  20. Mohsein Ashourian (2001), “Low Bit Rate 3-D Subband Video Coding” (Co-Supervisor).

Master (Research)

  1. Dini Addiati (2014), “Multimedia Messaging Service Based Mobile Barcode Reader
  2. Tan Jinn Li (2013), “Framework for Automatic Malaysia License Plate Identification System
  3. Ismail Ibrahim (2010), “Algorithm for Classification of Printed Circuit Board Defects Based on Image Processing
  4. Mohamad Nansah Maliki (2006), “Security and Surveillance for Web-Based Applications
  5. Chan Ying Hui (2005), “Design of a Security System Based on Multiple Biometric Traits
  6. Yeoh Phaik Yong (2004), “Tracking Moving Object Based on Linear Prediction Technique
  7. Rudi Herianshah (2004), “Classification of Printed Circuit Board Defects Using Artificial Intelligent
  8. Musa bin Mohd Mokji (2002), “Fingerprint Classification and Recognition Using Digital Signal Processing Technique
  9. Zuwairie Ibrahim (2002), “Automatic Search for Break Points in Printed Circuit Board Using Intelligent Vision System Based on Digital Signal Processing Algorithms