Undergraduate Final Year Projects



Mohd Hafiz bin Puzizer

Project: Penyelesaian Masalah Nilai Sempadan menggunakan Kaedah Garlekin



Ng Kin Wei

Project: Application of Graph theory in DSDV Protocol Routing



Siti Asnor Faraien binti Hassan

Project: Tabu Search Algorithm for Solving Waste Collection Vehicle Routing Problem


Chong Kok Chun

Project: Integer Linear Programming for Gate Assignment Problem at Airline Terminals



Nurul Aina Mansor

Project: Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Construction Supply Chain Problem


Noor Harlinda Mohd Othman

Project: Genetic Algorithms and Johnson’s Rule for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem



Muhammad Aiman Rifdi Arifin

Project : Shift Job Neighbourhood Heuristics for Single Machine Family Scheduling Problems


Nurul Izzati Muhammad

Project : List Scheduling Algorithm for Solving Identical Parallel Processor in Minimizing Makespan



Nurhafizahtulhusna Hidzir

Project : Solve University Course Timetabling Problem using Graph Coloring Method


Bahriah Malik

Project : Integer Linear Programming Model in University Course Timetabling Problem



Nor Atikaf Rashid

Project: Economic Lot Size for Different Items and Rotation Schedule with and without Setup Time for Production


Nur Atika Masbah

Project: Binary Linear Programming Model in Solving Bus Crew Scheduling



Asmah Abd Jabar

Project: Queuing System at Produa Glenmarie