REPL.IT TUTORIAL which is a browser-based coding software, is very useful as learning tool and collaborative workspace. It is user-friendly to the new learners and it has more than 50 programming languages.

For students of SEBB 2033 (SKBSK, UTM), we will learn about how to write c programming using this website. At the end of this course, students are expected able to formulate a problem in daily live, and propose a programming solution by using the strategies and techniques learnt in this course.

Create Account

Signing up an account is pretty simple and you are recommended to do so to save all your coding. Simply open the website, click “sign up” button, and choose any method based on your preference.

Writing code

Next step, you may create your repl file and start to write coding.

1: create repl.
2: type of programming language (choose C for this course).
3: title of your program.

1: list of file. Here you may include input and output FILE which explained here.
2: coding.
3: compile and run the coding.
4: result.
5: you may invite your colleague to review and write the coding together.

Share/Submit your code

To submit (for my students) or to share your code, simply just click “copy link” as shown below.

That’s all. Enjoy!