Dr Umi Aisah Asli is a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of  Chemical and Energy Engineering since 2005.  Dr Umi is actively developing innovative methods for producing renewable energy (biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen, and biohythane) including valuable biochemical such as biodegreaser, biosurfactants and biosolvents from various biomass sources. Dr Umi has a strong interest in the area of kinetics research and reaction mechanisms in chemical reactions and bioprocess engineering.

Academic Qualifications
-PhD (Chemical Engineering), University of Bath, United Kingdom, Nov 2007 to Mar 2011
-MSc (Chemical Engineering) University of Wales, Swansea, UK, Sept 2002 to Jan 2003
-Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical-Bioprocess), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, June 1996 to Aug 2000

Research Expertise


Chemical Reaction Engineering, Biomass Conversion Technology

Number of PhD students supervised (Main & Co)

Number of Master Students supervised

Number of publication

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