My 3-minute Thesis video in 2016

Hi everyone. I am keeping this as one of my memorable PhD journeys. I entered the 3-minute thesis competition and was voted as the winner at the interfaculty level. This video was taken when I competed at the university level. It was one of the most difficult phases of my life. When I was competing at the university level, my husband was hospitalised for a heart attack. I was not prepared to enter the competition, but I tried my best nonetheless. I became the runner-up at the university level and walked away with RM1000. Thank you for the memories and the opportunity.

My 1-minute video resume

Hello world!

Welcome to [your site name]. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Today HCI class

To my HCI student. today class will discuss about your project

Trip to NUS

Official Trip to NUS with TNCP of UTM

Testing to facebook

Testing from web to facebook

HCI short drama

The User is a King and an example of Short Drama from Stanford University.
This could give some inspiration to your group presentation