The only way to get better is to
Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

The sake of Allah S.W.T
Keeper of my soul, holder of my heart.

The blessing of my parents,
Make this world a beautiful garden.

The support of my siblings,
Stand without flinching, sharing laughter and wiping tears.

The patience of my lecturer,
Make every day a little brighter.

The best of my friends,
Make smile a little bigger, laugh a little louder.

And as I believe,
“Nothing worth having comes easy”.

Hence, I dedicated this post to them.


Sustainable Facilities Management for Mosque Service Environment

Mosques play a vital role in the Islamic community. They have been conceptualised not just as places of prayer, but also as a focal point for numerous areas of Islamic community development. However, the growing number of mosques has created a new issue in mosque management, necessitating the implementation of an efficient system.

Many say that well-managed services enable an organisation to operate at its most efficient and effective level, adding significant value to the company’s core business while increasing flexibility. Therefore, sustainable facilities management (SFM) is a viable alternative for mosque management to consider, and it is considered to be a strategy that will aid in the continued operation of the mosque.

Nevertheless, the effort to SFM in mosque requires a paradigm shift in terms of management, technology adoption and end-user behaviors. The key role that the FM profession may play in achieving the aforementioned efforts is encouraging management hierarchy in the organisation and end users to comprehend the importance and impact of sustainable development.

Simultaneously, FM professionals must be proactive and be a good role model when it comes to managing a building’s facilities and services.


My name is Zafirah binti Hj. Ab. Muin and I have successfully completed my undergraduate degree as a first-class degree holder in Land Administration and Development with several times been awarded the Dean’s Lists from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

I have subsequently pursued my passion in the field by completing the Master degree in Asset and Facilities Management. Following that, I have completed my Ph.D in Facilities Management (FM).

I am highly focused and experienced in research, with an extensive background in research activities including handling and managing academic research grants and publications, as well as participated in several acknowledged academic conferences.

With my practical experience and knowledge, I have successfully involved in writing and publishing academic paper in indexed journal, as well as writing a book which centred around my Ph.D. thesis project i.e. specialisation on facilities management model for mosque building including facilities management process and support services.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) under the Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying.