What do you think about our teaching?

Hi all. Its already 13 week since i started teaching financial management course together with Dr Suresh. HOW TIME FLIES!! Twas kinda fun journey despite not being able to see you guys in person. But dont worry, we managed to save some photos of us during our online class session. Here are some happy faces attending our class at the comfort of your own home (spot those sleepy faces!!!! haha).

All of us in our first class. Semua mode suci je. Very active bunch. Tengok tu berjela soalan korang tanya
Lepastu bila dah hujung2 sem hanya Dr Suresh & I je still senyum lebar. Yang lain ________ (fill in the blanks urself)????

*Jokes je kays jangan marah* hehe

Here’s the both of us trying to tell you how much we love you guys! There’s Dr Suresh & his every-ready corporate look & of course, my silly face.

I think many of us have yet to meet Dr Suresh in person as he is from AHIBS, here’s some ?? picture of how he looks in real life. Selama ni tengok kt webex je kan, video pun x clear sangat. Kalau korang tahu ni awal2 mesti semua tak tido dalam class kan?.

Since we are approaching the end of this subject (tho prolly you will see me again next sem, teaching different subject ?), I’d like to hear some opinion about how Dr Suresh & I have run the class over the past few weeks.

Yes I know, I know. Some of you might be super concern about anonymity (Student kita selalu takut nk express themselves sbb takut keje judge?. In this class, there is NO SUCH THING cause you know, Dr Suresh & I are VERY cool people?). Fret not, your details will not be recorded. Infact, we wish to hear all about your comments be it good or bad as we are trying to improve & accomodate you better. Your opinions do matter! We welcome your opinions and will not be insulted by any constructive comments.

Click the link below to & let us know what you think!

Lastly, we both had a lot of fun teaching and we hope you do too! Thanks for being a great-bunch-of-kids who would sometimes listen to bebelan kami (although sometimes being a fun crowd also means having dr suresh/ me calling out ur names). No hard feelings kay guys. We were just making sure that you are not sleeping on the other end.

Bye guys!

Good luck for your final exam????

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the way you speak and teach allow me to pay my attention continuously in the class ~~ STAY REAL and see you soon 😀

I was so excited during this class because having a lecturer hyperactive like dr zafira…it give more attention on this class. Thank you dr for sharing knowledge

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