1. Appointed as Special Committee Members of Paperwork Preparation for Room Application of the Faculty of Education To UTM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (HEP) and Ministry of Finance Malaysia (18 May 2005), UTM
  2. Appointed as Member of Consultant Vot 63023 of the Bureau of Innovation and Consultation (18 October 2006), UTM
  3. Appointed as Committee of Teenage Sciences Camping Program (23 May 2006), UTM
  4. Appointed as OUM Sports Sciences Practices Coordinator (September 2006), UTM
  5. Member of Jogathon Family Day (November 1995), UTM
  6. Appointed as AJK English Camp for Middle East High School Student (July 2005), UTM
  7. Appointed as AJK 3rd International Qualitative Research Convention (August 2005), UTM
  8. Motivational Speaker (March 2006), UTM
  9. Kursus Audit dalaman 2016
  10. Panel penilai teknikal FRGS 2014
  11. Timbalan Pengerusi OSHA – F54
  12. Penasihat Staff Games – TNCAA