Research Areas/Interest

  • Ecological landscape design
  • Urban greening and urban ecology
  • Biocultural landscape
  • Nature conservation
  • Landscape Technology


  • International Conference on Quality of Life, AQoL2015Izmir, Turkey, 9-13 December 2015
  • Global Change Research Symposium 2014, Brindisi, Italy 16-18 September 2014. Project Title- Species Richness of Small Urban Parks in Relation to Parks Attributes and Human Activities.
  • IGN PhD Conference, Faculty of Science, UCPH Denmark (2014).
  • Student Conference on Conservation Science, New York (SCCS 2014): Project Title – Assessing the Landscape and Ecological Quality of Small Urban Parks.
  • International course on Beyond Best Practice: Questioning habits of mind for sustainable urban development in the Oresund Urban Landscape – Swedish University of Agricultural University (2014)
  • 2nd SURE Summer School on Urban Development and Urban Ecosystem Services – European Approaches and Shanghai Experiences, East China Normal University Shanghai (2013)
  • International interdisciplinary course on Urban Ecology as Science, Culture and Power – KTH, Stockholm, Sweden (2013)
  • PhD colloquium at the Centre of Advanced Studies for Architecture (CASA) – National University of Singapore (2012)
  • Knowledge exchange at the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (2011)
  • Technical visits to Western Europe & the United Kingdom (2010)
  • Technical course on Land Resource Management & Urban Development in Cambridge International Land Institute, UK