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SEMM4912 | Dr. Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff

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Session 2023/2024-Semseter 01

1.) Currently I have three projects need to be executed involving:
i) Engine Performance which integrated with an inter-cooler (Law Zhi Xin A20EM0084) –

ii) Vehicle Cooling System Performance which integrated with recirculation system, (Eng Sun Xuan A20EM0050) – Sunshane

iii) Refrigeration System Performance which integrated with Quantum Energy Device (QED) (Kubendra Khanna A20EM0081) – Kuben

2.) We need to come up with the Title, Objective(s) and Scope(s) in order to get approval from Head of Thermodynamics Panel within Week 1.

3) Final report for Draft 1 and Draft 2 the format should follow this document – UTM’s Thesis Manual.

4) Weekly meeting-please set here.

5) Other meeting by appointment only – check here (view by week).