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PhD students

The Effects of Gravitational Acceleration on Micropolar Fluid Model of Blood Flow in a Bifurcated Stenosed Artery
Tan Yan Bin
Status – Graduated on 05 April 2017
(Matrix no. PS113027)

Generalized Power-law Model of Magnetic Hydrodynamic Blood Flow in Inclined Stenosed Artery with Body Acceleration
Ahmed Bakheet Saeed
Status – Graduated on 04 July 2017
(Matrix no. PS123091)

Numerical Studies of Fluid Flow in Human Eyes of with Descemet Membrane Detachment and Rhegmatogeneous Retinal Detachment
Lim Yeou Jiann
Status – Graduated on 04 July 2017
(Matrix no. PS133002)

Numerical Studies of Blood Flow in Stenosed Bifurcated Artery under the influence of Heat and Mass Transfer
Huda Salmi Ahmad
Status – On going
(Matrix no. PSC143015)

Unsteady magnetohydrodynamics Mixed Convective Flow of Nanofluid and Heat Transfer
Yahaya Shagaiya Daniel
Status – Graduated on 08 August 2018
(Matrix no. PSC153050)

Stability Analysis of Shell under Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory
Karthik A/L Krishnan
Status – On going
(Matrix no. PSC173021)