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dr. zulhairun abdul karim

SENIOR LECTURER, B.Eng. (Chemical), Ph.D. (Gas Eng.) (UTM)


Zulhairun Abdul Karim is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (FCEE) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Zulhairun obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from UTM in 2011, and then pursued his PhD in Gas Engineering. During his study, he was actively involved in an academia-industry research project developing novel membrane material for CO2 removal. Right after his PhD graduation in 2014, he was appointed as a Visiting Junior Researcher, and then he was awarded with Postdoctoral Fellowship in Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre (AMTEC), UTM.

He joined the Energy Engineering Department as academic teaching staff in mid-2015, serving Nuclear Engineering Programme, while actively involved with numerous research activities in AMTEC as an associate research fellow. In AMTEC, he holds the responsibility as the Corporate Affairs Manager. On top of that, he plays the role as the Advisor of Nuclear Engineering Student Society (NESS). He is also an associate member of Institution of Chemical Engineers (AMIChemE) and a member of Malaysia Membrane Society (MyMembrane). Besides that, he is the current head of laboratory for the Basic Engineering Laboratory (Makmal Kejuruteraan Asas) in FCEE. Recently he had been appointed as one of the Editorial Board Members for Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology.

His research interests mainly centered on nano-enabled membrane technology developed for gas separation and water purification. Despite of his short career span, he has published several scientific publications in high impact factor international refereed journals and book chapters.

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List of Recent Publications:

  1. Wong K.C., Goh, P.S., Taniguchi T. Ismail A.F., Zahri K. The role of geometrically different carbon-based fillers on the formation and gas separation performance of nanocomposite membrane. Carbon 149 (2019) 33-44.
  2.  Subramaniam M.N. Goh P.S., Lau, W.J.Lau, Ismail A.F.Ismail, The Roles of Nanomaterials in Conventional and Emerging Technologies for Heavy Metal Removal: A State-of-the-Art Review. Nanomaterials 9 (2019) 625.
  3.  Subramaniam M.N. Goh P.S., Lau, W.J.Lau, Ismail A.F.Ismail, Gürsoy M., Karaman M. Synthesis of Titania nanotubes/polyaniline via rotating bed-plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition for enhanced visible light photodegradation. Applied Surface Science. 484, (2019) 740-750
  4.  Said, N., Hasbullah, H.,  Abidin, M.N.Z.,  Ismail, A.F.,  Goh, P.S.,  Othman, M.H.D.,  Kadir, S.H.S.A.,  Kamal, F.,  Abdullah, M.S.,  Ng, B.C. Facile modification of polysulfone hollow-fiber membranes via the incorporation of well-dispersed iron oxide nanoparticles for protein purification, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 136 (2019) 47502.
  5.  Rawindran, H., Lim, J.-W.,  Goh, P.S.,  Subramaniam, M.N.,  Ismail, A.F.,  Radi bin Nik M Daud, N.M.,  Rezaei-Dasht Arzhandi, M. Simultaneous separation and degradation of surfactants laden in produced water using PVDF/TiO 2 photocatalytic membrane, Journal of Cleaner Production,  221 (2019) 490-501.