Industrial Engineering – SKMM3813


This course introduces students to basic theories, concepts and principles in industrial engineering. It provides a broad coverage on key issues such as productivity, quality, project management, work study, ergonomics, facilities planning, production planning, scheduling, and engineering economy. The focus is on tools and techniques for solving, analysing and evaluating industrial operational problems. Cost analysis and engineering economy evaluation are emphasised in decision makings. Students are required to work in a team for solving a case study problem.

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Course Outlines: 

Industrial Engineering and Productivity – Introduction.

Managing Quality & SPC

Capacity Planning

Project Management

Inventory Management, and Material Requirement Planning

Engineering Economy: Growth Rate, Equivalence Factors, Evaluating Engineering Project Alternatives

Method Analysis & Work Measurement

Productivity Measurement

Maintenance & Reliability

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Test2-Question -pareto

control chart

SKMM3813-ProjectMgmt- Quiz 2-10mac2016

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Project Management