PhD Research Supervision

PhD Research Students – Graduated

  • Ibrahim Masood , Scheme For Balanced Monitoring and Accurate Diagnosis of Bivariate Process Mean Shifts (graduated 2012 ) – main supervisor
  • Muchamad Oktaviandri,  Decision Support Tool for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling (graduated 2012) co-supervisor
  • Ashkan Memari,  Bi-objective Optimization Model for a Carbon Cap JIT Distribution Network (Graduated 2015), co-supervisor
  • Razieh Haghighati,  Framework for Recognition of Control Chart Patterns with Constraint Data (Graduated 2019) -main supervisor
  • Ali Anjomshoae, Performance Measurement Scheme for Disaster Relief Operations, (Graduated 2019) – main supervisor
  • Fareeduddin Mohammed​, Modelling and Optimization of Closed Loop Supply Chains with Carbon Policies under Uncertainty (Graduated 2020) – main supervisor

PhD Research Students:  In progress

  • Azman Ahmad Bakir, Prediction of Multi-component System Remaining Useful Life by Using a Hybrid Approach – main supervisor
  • Wassem Alwan, Recognition for Process Monitoring and Diagnosis – main supervisor
  • Ali Abubaker Elsiddieg Zoelnoun, Success Factors for Alignment of Project Management and Strategy in Sudanese Petroleum Sectors (D.Eng) – main supervisor 
  • Khor Chin Keat, Pattern Recognition – co-supervisor