Completed Projects

•Development of Prognosis Prediction Model for Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment, July 2017 – Jun 2019 (GUP Tier 1)

•Project Leader: Improved Pattern Recognition Algorithm for Imbalanced and Incomplete Manufacturing Process Data Streams (Dis 2012- Dis 2013)

•Project Leader: An Improved Model for Solving Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problems, UTM Short Term Research Grant (Nov 2009 – Nov 2011)

•Project Leader (Malaysian Partner): EurAsian Network for Product Lifecycle Support & Training- A European Commission Funded Project (Jan 04 – Dec 05)

•Project Member (Malaysian Partner): Advanced Product Support Technology Network- A European Commission Funded Project (Oct 2001-Sep 2003)

•Project Leader: Dynamic Scheduling in a Multi-Product Manufacturing System- Malaysian Fundamental Research Grant (Jan 04 – Jun 05)

•Project Leader: Development of a Web-Based Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnosis System. Malaysian IRPA Research Grant (Dec 03 – Jun 06)

•Researcher: Application and Implementation of Industrial Engineering Methods in Local Industry, (Jul 1994 -Nov 1996)