Project Management & Maintenance

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This course will expose students to project management and maintenance. In project management, the course emphasises the general management of project as well as project scheduling and analysis. General management includes topics such as project manager, project planning, work breakdown structure (WBS) and negotiation and conflict resolution. Whereas project scheduling addresses topic such as PERT, Critical Path Method (CPM), resource allocation, reducing project duration and project progress and performance measurement. Major topics covered under maintenance are maintenance engineering in general, preventive maintenance, total productive maintenance (TPM), six major losses, measuring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reliability and maintenance cost issues. At the end of the course, students should be able to apply knowledge in project management to plan, schedule and control projects as well as to apply basic maintenance concept and develop a total productive maintenance (TPM) program in a company.

Course Outlines:

Introduction to Project Management

Defining the project (Work Breakdown Structure)

Estimating Project Times and Costs Scheduling, Project Network, CPM

Managing Risk, PERT

Scheduling Resource

Reducing Project Duration (Crash), Microsoft Project

Project Monitoring and Control

Introduction to Maintenance Engineering

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Major Losses, OEE

Maintenance Cost


Current Issues in PM and Maintenance