“In the Name of God for Mankind.”

This deeply meaningful motto encapsulates the essence of my life’s purpose as a Muslim, a principle that I wholeheartedly adopted during my time as a Ph.D. student. It also embodies UTM’s commitment to imparting knowledge for the betterment of humanity, guided by divine blessings and wisdom.

With an unwavering belief that the foundation of knowledge finds its roots in the divine law of Allah, I do not falter in the face of all challenges in academia because I am confident that Allah is with me as long as I sincerely teach, supervise, research, and write. I also believe that education should always go beyond textbooks and classrooms so that it can empower individuals for a lifetime. This stands in the core mission of UTM – to cultivate holistic talents and enhance lives through knowledge and innovative technologies.
Besides, UTM’s core values are not superficial but reside in my soul of academia that, in a way, shape my academic essence – integrity-driven, fostering synergistic collaborations, pursuing excellence, and nurturing sustainable contributions. These align with my passion for social justice and transformative development in our nation’s education system.