1 Kow Mee Yee
Assessment Of Pre-Implementation Product Lifecycle Management Solution In Automotive Components Manufacturing Companies

2 Ong Gui Xian
Industry Technology Roadmap On Hydrogen Production from Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Industry in Malaysia

3 Mohd Hafiz Mohd Yunus
The Evaluation of Malaysian Army Training Effectiveness: A case of the Individual Training Programme

4 Muhammad Syafiq Bin Hasan
Issues And Challenges In The Execution Of Physical Performance Capability Assessment: A Case Of Malaysian Army For Promotional Process

5 Sharifah Radhiah Binti Syed Azman
Issues and Challenges In Post-Disaster
Reconstruction Execution Stage Of Projek Rumah Kekal Baru (RKB)

6 Rajiv Dharma Mangruwa
Cross Cultural Analysis On Occupants Perceptions and Preferences On The Use Of Electrical Appliances Between Malaysia And Japan

7 Nina Fouladynezhad
Issues And Challenges In Marketing Strategy Implementation In Food-Related Industry

8 Habiba Nabila Ihlasuddini
National Culture Corporate Governance and Capital Structure

9 Samihah Zura Binti Mohd Nani
Effects of Deep Sea Water On Anti-obesity Properties in Adipocytes Cell