What is Reservoir Engineering?

  • Reservoir Engineering is a branch of petroleum engineering that applies scientific principles to the drainage problems arising during the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs so as to obtain a high economic recovery.
  • Objectives Reservoir Engineering
    • To continuously monitor the reservoir and collect relevant data and interpret it to be able to
      • determine (present conditions)
      • estimate (future conditions) and control the movement of fluids through the reservoir  so that we can: enhance ( increase recovery factor)
      • accelerate ( increase production rate) the oil recovery.
  • What is reservoir?
    • Reservoir is that portion of a trap which contains oil and/or gas  as a single hydraulically connected system.
      • it is a rock layer
      • porous so that stores oil
      • permeable so that allows flow of oil
      • has a mechanism to prevent escape of oil (trapping mechanism)
  • Discuss the typical reservoir image below:
    • How many reservoirs?
    • What are the trapping mechanism?
Source UTM

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