Last Thursday (27th Feb 2020), Dr. Muhammad Amir Bin As’ari, the associate member of Sport Innovation and Technology Centre (SITC) and the member of Biomedical Instrumentation and Electronics Research Group (bMiE) was invited by UTM Post-Graduate Student Society of School of Mechanical Engineering & School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (UTM PGSS SKM-SKBSK) to give a talk in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks which is a well-known approach in Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence. His research interests are in computer vision, signal and image processing, and sport and assistive technology. In his talk, hands-on in implementing the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for developing automated image recognition using Matlab was demonstrated. Hopefully, the participant might get the benefit from the fruitful sharing in recent Artificial Intelligence, which is one of the main components in inevitable fourth industrial revolution (4IR).