Master students

Master Thesis
  1. Deni Yulianti |Scholar|
    Enhancements of Adaptive Fuzzy Spray and Wait Protocol for Pocket Switched Network.(2016)
  2. Ali Hamdi  |Scholar|
    Hybrid Model for Sentiment Analysis of Multifaceted Arabic Reviews.(2017)
  3. Mohd Nizam Kassim  |Scholar|
    En Enhanced Malay Word Stemming Algorithm Based on Word Patterns.(2014) – co-supervisor
  1. Mohamed Rady Abdel Salam Mohamed Issa
    Fake News Detection Using Content-Based
  2. Mohd Syahir Abdullah
    Detecting Cyber Attack Incidents from Online News Using CRF and LSA Techniques
  3. Norfadilah Ariffin
    Ontology-based Ransomware Entity Classification From Forum to Form Background Knowledge
  4. Mohd Azreen Mohd Zaini
    Exploiting DOM Mutation for the Detection of Ad Injecting Browser Extension

Master Project/Dissertation 
  1. Okwara Jerry Chizoba
    Ensemble of Classifiers for Detection of Advanced Persistent Threat. (2019)
  2. Shajal Erachampat
    A Hybrid Biometric Template Protection Algorithm in Fingerprint Biometric System. (2017)
  3. Abdul Hamid Aliyu Ardo
    Enhanced Misbehavior Detection Scheme for Post Crash Notification. (2016)
  4. Uzma Mohamad Tahir
    Data Analytics on Crime Online News. (2016)
  5. Mohammed Abdullah Omar Alzubaidi
    Enhanced Analysis of Kippo-Honeypot in Cloud. (2015)
  6. Sara Marouf
    An Agent-based Approach to Detect Mobile Malicious Nodes in a Static Wireless Sensor Network. (2014)
  7. Mohammed Faez Abdullah Al-Jaberi
    Improving Data Integrity as a Service Model (Di aaS) in Cloud Computing for Privacy Preserving Support. 2014
  8. Fuad A. Ghaleb
    Misbehavior Detection Scheme Based on Mobility Pattern Analysis for Vehicle Ad-Hoc Network Highway Safety Applications. 2014 – co-supervisor
  9. AlMukhammed Kalybayev
    Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms in Website Phishing Detection. (2013)
  10. Hadi Zamani
    Classification of Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning Techniques. (2013)
  11. Nurfazrina Mohd Zamry
    Islamic Web Pages Filtering and Categorization. (2013)
  12. Mohammad Dawood
    TFIDF and Entropy Term Weighting Schemes in Classification of Gambling, News and Sports Websites. (2013)
  13. Hisham N.A. Mousa
    Hybrid Simple Artificial Immune System and Gravitational Search Algorithm for Spam Detection. (2013)
  14. Ahmed A. A. Abunada
    Comparative Study Between Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm and Artificial Immune Network Algorithm in Intrusion Detection. (2013)
  15. Shahdokht Rahati
    Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Gravitational Search Algorithm in Intrusion Detection System. (2013)
  16. Anas W.A. Arram
    Spam Detection Using Hybrid of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. (2013)
  17. Tobi Akanbi
    Phishing Website Detection Using Decision Tree. (2013)
  18. Bibi Masoomeh Aslahi Shahri
    Intrusion Detection System Using Hybrid GSA-K-Means. (2013)
  19. Vahid Kaviani Jabali
    Gravitational Search Algorithm for Feature Selection in Intrusion Detection System. (2012)