PhD students

  1. Mohd Nizam Kassim |Scholar|
    Enhanced Text Stemmer for Standard and Non Standard Word Patterns in Malay Text
  2. Fuad AbdulGaleel Abdoh Ghaleb |Scholar|
    Context-Aware Misbehavior Detection Model for VANET Based on Mobility Information Trust Establishment Techniques
  3. Danlami Gabi |Scholar|
    Dynamic Scheduling Schemes for Cloud Computing Using Orthogonal Taguchi-based Cat Swarm Optimisation – co-supervisor
  4. Aisha Abdallah Zain Alabdeen Ahmed
    Adaptive Anomaly Based Fraud Detection Model for Handling Concept Drift in Short Term Profile -co-supervisor
  5. Ahlam Hashim |Scholar|
    Self-Adaptive On Demand Reliable Geo-Casting Routing Scheme For Mobile Ad Hoc Network – co-supervisor
  6. Hadi S. Yaghoubyan |Scholar|
    Illicit Image Detection Based on Enhanced Bag of Visual Word Model – co-supervisor
  7. Murad A. Rassam|Scholar|
    An Anomaly Detection Model Using Candid Covariance-Free Incremental Principal Component Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks- co-supervisor
  8. Tagwa Ahmed Mohamed Al-Haj
    An Effective Attack Scenario Construction Model Based on Two-Tier Feature Selection and Coarse Grain Cleaning- co-supervisor
  9. Nurudeen Mahmud Ibrahim|Scholar|
    An Adaptive and Distributed Cloud Intrusion Detection Scheme
  10. Raja Waseem Anuar |Scholar|
    Efficient Trust Based Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network
  11. Muhalim Mohamed Amin |Scholar|
    Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Approach


Main Supervision
Muhammad ZafranMuhammad Zaly Shah
Spatial Temporal Event Analysis in Conflict Zone Using Deep Learning Approach
The research aim is to provide an accurate and also practical approach to predict the events associated with the South China Sea conflict.
Kamarul Zaman Panatik|Scholar|
Intrusion Detection System for Large Scale Attack in Software Defined Network
The research is aimed to develop the model for distributed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in Software Defined Network (SDN).
Mohamad Yamen Ahmad Sattouf
IDS for Wireless Sensor Network
The Distributing way of the foreseeable schema in WSN, real time detection, adaptive learning and updating of reference model, and distinguishing events and errors in real time can be the key factors in the effectiveness and efficiency of any anomaly detection in WSN.
Khairun Nisyak Zakaria
Threat Driven Cybersecurity Audit Model Using Metamodel Approach
This study proposes a Threat Driven Cyber-security Audit Model (TDCAM) using a meta-model method, as a set of control element, procedures and audit components in a single model/ Audit model
Siti Salmah Md. Kassim |Scholar|
User Trust Evaluation Procedure For Selecting the Best Provider in Cloud Based E-Learning
This research solve problems in trusting cloud as a public platform through calculating the user trust and match the CSU preference with suitable CSP available.
Nurfazrina Mohd Zamry |Scholar|
Efficient Anomaly Detection Model in WSN
The purpose of this research is to design and develop efficient and effective anomaly detection model for WSNs by minimizing the resource constraint in WSNs.
Noor Azeera Abdul Aziz |Scholar|
Automated Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection
In this study, a selected new features set is proposed for detecting hate speech and offensive language.


  1. Hashim Hussien Taha
    Predictive Intrusion Alert Correlation Model