This course prepares students with the skills of effective communication that are necessary in order for them to be able to function effectively in professional situations. At the beginning of the course, students are required to do enculturation tasks in order to discover their potential and possible expectations of the prospective professional environment. Through active learning, it emphasises oral and written communication skills that are practiced in professional situation. Using authentic professional scenarios, students will be given opportunities to negotiate and present information through group discussions and presentations. By the end of the course, students should be able to function as individuals and team members using appropriate communication skills professionally.

Course Learning Outcomes

Learners are expected to:

Create. effective oral presentation and present points of view effectively

Negotiate interactively in
group discussions

 Compose an email and personal write-up using appropriate language effectively

 Apply conventions of writing an email and job seeking skills via online self-access learning platform

Personal Write-Up

It is a writing sample describing you at your best, your reasons for choosing the job you have chosen, your professional interests, your objectives, and the unique ways you can contribute to the organization to which you are applying.


Email serves as an effective way to send one-way messages or engage in two-way interaction that doesn’t have time urgency. It is vital to develop great style of writing clear and concise email.

Balloon Debate

Debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals. More broadly, and more importantly, debate is an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and open societies.

Oral Presentation

A common business tool; and the ability to give a good oral presentation is regarded as an integral part of your career. Regardless of the context, you have to make sure that your message is delivered effectively.


Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute.


Online Resources for Learning in English is a service that offers resources for self-access covering study skills and other resources for learning English . The service allows you to choose what you want to learn at your own pace.