Professional Services

Consultation & Training

  1. Kem Kecemerlang STEM Facilitator
  2. Online Global Classroom Trainer
  3. Computational Thinking With Ardiuno Starter Kit During Computational Thinking Special Session In ICSTEM 2018 Consultation
  4. 1ST International STEAM Conference Education In Conjunction With WEEF Consultation
  5. Developing Computational Thinking Through Graphic Calculator In Steam Education Consultation
  6. Karnival Inovasi STEM Consultation
  7. Kembara Stem UTM-JPNJ Consultation
  8. Karnival STEM Consultation
  9. Pameran Berunsurkan STEM Consultation
  10. Work Process For Sit In Program Universitas Negeri Makasar Consultation
  11. Computational Thinking Special Session In Conjunction With International Conference On STEM Education Consultation
  12. International Conference On Creative And Innovative Technology In Education Consultation
  13. Training Of Trainers In Student Centred Learning And Outcome Based Education For Afghanistan Champions’ Trainer
  14. Preschool Learning ProgrammesEnglish, Maths, Science Consultation
  15. Training Of Trainers For SCL Part 2: Team-Based Learning Using Cooperative Learning Workshop Trainer