Current Projects

Project Title: Modular construction of prefab building with ISO shipping container
Level: University
Type of Grants: UTM GUP Tier 1
Responsibility: Project Leader
Amount (RM): 42,500
Duration: May 2015-Nov 2016 (18 months)

Project Title: Structural Feasibility of ISO Shipping Container for core-dwelling housing. People exchange grant under bilateral research collaboration with the Asia-Pacific region 2013-2016.
Level: International
Type of Grants: ETH & SERI (Switzerland)
Responsibility: Partner
Amount (CHF): 10,000
Duration: Apr 2015 – Mac 2016 (11 months)

Project Title: Fundamental Stability Formulation for Shipping Container as Core Dwelling
Level: National
Type of Grants: FRGS
Responsibility: Project Leader
Amount (RM): 84,000
Duration: Dec 2014-Nov 2016 (23 Months)

Last updated 1March 2016