Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Year 2016 (On-going)

Name: Freccy Raupit
Title: Splitting Tensile Strength Improvement of Lightweight Foamed Concrete by using Polypropylene Fiber
Name: Nur Nabilah Farhana Bt. Mohammad Fathilah
Title: Compressive Strength of Lightweight Foamed Concrete with Polypropylene Fibre
Name: Raihana Farahiyah Bt. Abd Rahman
Title: Flexural Strength of Lightweight Foamed Concrete with Polypropylene Fibre

Year 2015

Name: Benny Chan
Title: Experiment Investigation of Compression and Flexural Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Cut-Curved Channel Sections
Name: Edric Wong King Hui
Title: Feasibility of using ISO Shipping Container as Modular Housing System to Build Low Cost House
Name: Hau Tam Ping
Title: Force and Deformation of Roof Truss System Made of Cold-formed Steel Channel Section


Year 2013

Name: Izyan Syahirah Bt. Hasanuddin
Title: Mechanical Properties of 4:1 Cement Sand Ratio Foamed Concrete Interact with Cold-formed Steel
Name: Mohamad Asyraf B. Mohamad Kamali
Title: Analytical Investigation on Strength & Stiffness of Bolted Top-seat Angle Connection in Steel Structures
Name: Nor Inayah Bt. Shahidan
Title: Mechanical Properties of 5:1 Cement-Sand Ratio Lightweight Foamed Concrete Interact with Cold-formed Steel
Name: Nurul Noraziemah Bt. Mohd Pauzi
Title: Mechanical Properties of 3:1 Cement Sand Ratio Lightweight Foamed Concrete Interact with Cold-formed Steel


Year 2012

Name: Chong Man Chyi
Title: Numerical Investigation on Lightweight Roof Truss System using Cold-formed Steel
Name: Law Boon Eng
Title: Numerical Investigation on Angle Connection for Cold-formed Steel Structures
Name: Lim Zi Hua
Title: Structural Performance of Horizontal Arranged Lipped C-Channel in Composite Slab System for Light Steel Framing
Name: Low Eng Tong
Title: Numerical investigation on gusset plate joints for cold-formed steel structures
Name: Nabila Nur Bt. Zakariah
Title: Parametric Study on Structural Design for Cold-formed Steel Sections to British Standards and Eurocodes
Name: Muhammad Zakwan B. Mohamed Yussof
Title: Behaviour of Cold-formed Steel Composite Floor Section in Light Steel Framing for Vertical Orientation