AIAA news: Analyst Not Overly Concerned By Dreamliner Issues.

The Los Angeles Times (12/25, Hennigan) reported the Boeing 787 “has run into another bout of turbulence with fresh concerns about its safety.” While there has been “criticism of the problem-plagued program,” aviation industry consultant Scott Hamilton “said that the latest Dreamliner problems are ‘irritants more than substance.'” Boeing was also noted by the article as not being overly concerned by the issues.

Boeing Hits 787. 747-8 Delivery Targets. The Wall Street Journal (12/22, Ostrower, Subscription Publication) reported that despite some early production issues, Boeing has hit its delivery targets for both the 787 and 747-8. According to the article, reaching these targets was very important for the company following several years of not hitting them due to design problems.