Will the RM160b for the Malaysia 1st high speed train project goes mainly to buy the foreign technology?

The plan to build a high speed train system connecting Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is seem to be finalised and realized soon. Malaysia is said willing to spent RM160 billion for this project (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/business/article/malaysia-to-spend-rm160-billion-on-rail-projects-including-high-speed-train) as it’ll enhance the Malaysia economic activities.

Many componies, locally and oversies, have shown an interest on this project, as reported on http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/10/05/China-shows-interest-in-KLSingapore-highspeed-rail-project.aspx “MMC Corp Bhd, which may team up with Gamuda Bhd and Chinese and European system integrators and YTL Corp Bhd with Spanish bullet train maker Talgo or CAF. Other firms are UEM Group Bhd, which is working with Ara Group to form a consortium with European companies that may also include Talgo, while Global Rail is said to be talking to Canada’s Bombardier Inc and Chinese firm China Railway Group.”

Previously, I reported my concern for the local experts to take part actively on this project https://people.utm.my/dr-sukri/2013/07/31/malaysias-high-speed-train-plan-should-utilise-local-experts/ and to date my concern is still the same.

Recently, Japan’s prime ministry has STRONGLY requested for Malaysia to choose Shikansen technology (http://www.mb.com.ph/japan-pm-talks-up-bullet-train-to-malaysia/). Not to forget that Chinese and Korean have already shown an interest earlier  (http://investvine.com/kl-singapore-high-speed-link-to-kick-off/).

Is Malaysia really need a foreign technology to build it own High Speed Train system??