PhD Students

PhD Students Completed (Graduated) YEAR NAMES TITLE ROLE
1 2021

Zainab Lawal Ibrahim


Culture, Socio-Economic Status and Religious Coping as Predictors of Happiness among Muslim Women Students in sokoto State, Northern Nigeria Main Supervisor
2 2020 Lukman Fasasi  Influence of Problem-Solving Communication and Negotiation styles on Marital Satisfaction among Nigerian  Married  Adults Main Supervisor
3 2019 Mustapha Grema Alhaji Mediating Effect of Positive Psychological Strengths in the relationship between  Study Skills and Examination Anxiety Among Nigerian College Students Main Supervisor
4 2019 Khatereh A Malekian Phenomenological study of Iranian Post Graduate Students Strategies and Resources for coping with acculturation challenges in Malaysia. Main Supervisor
5 2019 Norhayati Binti Ahmad Effects of Prevention Module of Smoking among School Students Main Supervisor
6 2018 Deviga A/P Marappan Maternal Well-Being Therapy and Social Support System in dealing  With Maternal Depression and Well-being Main Supervisor
7 2018 Ahmad Mustaqim Bin Yusoff Attachment Style, Subjective Well-Being, Stressful Events and Coping Strategies towards Marital Quality among Malaysian Students Main Supervisor
8 2019 Nguyen Thuy Van Advising Program standards for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions Co- Supervisor
9 2018 Iqbal Ahmad Service-Learning Model For Vacational Training Institutes of Pakistan Co- Supervisor
10 2015 Atefeh Ahmadi The Effectiveness of Eclectic  Therapy for Middle childhood Anxiety Disorders in Rural Primary School Co-Supervisor


2021 1 Rozita Jayus Ongoing

(Proposal Stage)

Title in progress Full Research Main Supervisor
2 Syed Faraz Ongoing

(Proposal Stage)

Title in progress Full Research Main Supervisor
3 LI LINWEI Ongoing

(Proposal Stage)

A study of the relationship of self-efficacy, achievement motivation, social support and subjective well-being of Chinese vocational students Full Research Main Supervisor
 2019 4 Sulaiman Adamu Mayanchi Ongoing (Proposal Done) Relationship between  Pattern of Study Creativity Self Concept Socioeconomic Status and Academic Pperformance of Colleges of Education Students In Zamfara State Nigeria Full Research Main Supervisor
 2018 5 Ramatu Mummmad Maiwada Ongoing (Thesis Submitted) Peer Group Influence on Senior Secondary School Students in Sokoto Metropolis Full Research Main Supervisor
 2017 6 Mohammad Tajudeen Yufuf Ongoing (Proposal Done) Parenting and Peer relationship as determinants of Adolescents Violent and Aggressive Behaviours Full Research Main Supervisor