Why a Postgraduate Student Need to Write Research Paper?

Improve reading skills

It helps you in developing reading for critical evaluation not just for the purpose of knowledge.

It helps develop reasoning skills as you read any article or book to collect sources for your research paper.

Good writing skills

Writing help you to understand the process of scientific discovery and then how to document that poins.

You will learn the process of citation and acknowledgement. You will be able to differentiate between the citation method that you are using and other citation methods.

Originally in writing is very important when you are writing a scientific research whether it is a research paper, thesis or dissertation. Acknowledging the sources that you have used in your research is important part of research paper writing and it helps you avoid plagiarism.

A sense of achievement

It help you get prestige and good credentials among students and teachers.

some students find writing a research paper a way to achieve all of these things in the academic life.

Writing a research paper all by yourself gives you a sense of individuality and satisfaction that you have created something.

Same skills for future scholarly researches

It gives you a head start to future scholarly works.

The student not only learns the process of research that is selecting a topic, reviewing the literature, collecting data and evaluation of data but it also helps you understand how to find answer of a question scientifically.

Knowledge about your subject area

You know about the topic that you have selected for your research paper and this improves your knowledge about that topic.

It also gives you an idea how to explore different other topics that you are unable to understand from simple lectures from your teacher or text book.

You learn how to build up your knowledge about any topic by exploring synthesizing and evaluating it.

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