Calling! Postgraduate for Research!

Apply for your PhD/Master in Augmented Reality, UTM

Hi there! If you are interested for research in Augmented Reality field with title as below:

Enhanced Epipolar Geometrized Ray-Casting for Small Scaled 3D Objects Selection in Handheld Mobile Augmented Reality

Please contact me. Submit your research proposal to email Find the proposal guideline here.

If you have your own title and want to work together with me. Welcome to contact me or send your proposal to me.

We prefer a student that can:

-Able to work independently,

-Keen to learn new things,-Critical thinker, 

-Knowledgeable in programming (any language) will be an added advantage

Post Viva Thesis’ Correction

Do the corrections only based on the examiners' comments Don't compare your examiners with others, every examiner has his/her expectation towards students. Create a matrix to easily see every single step required and track your progress, ensure … [Continue reading]

Research Method and Research Design

Research methods are the procedures that will be used to collect and analyze data while research design is the overall structure of the research. Research methods focus on what type of methods are more suitable to collect and analyze the evidence … [Continue reading]

Research Gap

Methodological gap: Addresses the conflict with the research methods in the prior studies and offers a new line of research that is different from those research methods Theoretical gap: Deals with the gaps between theory and early … [Continue reading]

WoS or Scopus?

WoS have much better quality compare with Scopus publications. Based on the quality metric and Review process, WoS is very tough to publish (this may not applicable for open access journals). Q1 in WoS doesnt mean its Q1 in Scopus. So dont … [Continue reading]

Professional Certification Received

Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900) Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) … [Continue reading]

Experiences as Coach of Certification and Workshop

I had been assigned as coach for Publication workshop (Faculty of Computing) for Postgraduate students. (until November 2023). I had been assigned as trainer as well as proctor for Azure Certifications for students under Faculty of Computing, UTM) … [Continue reading]

Experiences as Panel of Competition/Booth

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ICICyTA 2022

ICICyTA 2022 - 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Cybernetics Technology & Applications 2nd ICICyTA 2022 carries a theme of "Cybernetic Technology for Better Future of Human Life". Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into … [Continue reading]

Experience as Moderator/Speaker (Year 2022)

Moderator: “30 Minutes Publication Clinique”, organized by: Institute of Human Centered Engineering (iHumEn), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Title of the Webinar : “Publishing Q1 Paper, My Story” Date: 15 September 2022 … [Continue reading]

PhD/ Masters Proposal

Structure that may help you: Introduction - Use title as an anchor, start with problem and continue with solution. Background to Problem to Research objectives/ research questions - Start broad related to problem, afterwards statistically … [Continue reading]